"I don’t really know what to say to you…I don’t even know if you can hear me. I just—I’m sorry. I’m sorry this happened to you, I’m sorry you’re dead. You shouldn’t be dead…and it’s my fault. It’s my fault that you went to save Lydia and it’s my fault the the Oni were there and it’s my fault that they ki—that they killed you…and I’m so sorry. No one knows what to do now, especially Scott. You were his rock Allison, his anchor, and he’s crumbling without you. We all are. Lydia’s…quieter now, and she gets this look in her eyes whenever something reminds her of you, which is often. We don’t know what to do without you, we’re falling apart and it’s my fault and…I’m sorry…"

Sometimes Stiles visits Allison…and sometimes Allison is there too.

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to my friends who recently started watching supernatural (i’m sorry) 

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like i’m all about equal opportunity shipping y’all know that

but there are just some ships that i look at and go


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The Maze Runner Cast: MAZE TRIALS 

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"I just want to be happy, Maya."

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It’s not ‘stalia shippers’ harassing people, it’s one girl. She’s been harassing Stydia shippers for two days now.

Url: lostinlove2411 you’ve probably gotten a message from her already. If not you probably will. 

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#anti stalia shippers
Anonymous said: I don't agree with the people sending you hate no one deserves that especially people telling you to kill yourself. Today's world is fucked up. But I also don't think your the "victim", some of the things you say about Stalia is quite rude and uncalled for(my opinion) and I understand where this person is coming from but they have taken it waay to far and should be ashamed of themeself.

I’m not the victim, i’m not saying i am. but i will point out i do keep my opinions in the right tags so i don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. But thank you i guess.  

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